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Baby J

Baby J was born on the 28th October 2012. She was placed with us on 5th November 2012 upon discharge from hospital. Her mother was seen by the hospital Social Worker but claimed she had no residential address or contactable telephone numbers. Shortly after this she left the hospital unannounced therefore abandoning her child. While at Atlantic Hope, Social Services placed an ad in a local newspaper asking anyone who can assist in locating the baby’s mother to come forward. It was shortly discovered that her mom was in hospital receiving treatment for a severe psychiatric ailment. Baby J was placed in foster care on the 13th December 2012 with a relation of her mothers. Atlantic Hope remains in contact with the foster parents who have provided a loving, stable home for Baby J allowing her mother to recover and for Social Services time to work towards family reunification. We are thankful for being able to love and nurture Baby J while she was in our care.